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Are you frustrated with the increasing prices of cable? You’re not the only one! You would figure that these cable companies would clue in and NOT raise their fees, especially with the growing competition from Satellite TV providers. But alas, that is not the case – and if no changes are being made, perhaps it is time for you to make the change and move onto the logical alternative – Satellite TV.

Think about it… For about the same price, Satellite TV will give you basically the same channels (and in many instances, more channels) as cable TV but with vastly superior sound and picture quality since Satellite TV signals are digital. Sure, digital cable services have been developed BUT that also means considerably bumping up the balance of your cable bill AND factor in the fact that digital cable is not readily available all over the country. Satellite TV is ready to be accessed and used anywhere and always at the same price! The choice for Satellite TV is so clearly logical that I don’t know why I even bother trying to explain the discrepancies between Cable and Satellite TV.

Within the realm of Satellite TV, there are two main providers – DISH Network and DirecTV, although there are a few minor players (Voom, Pegasus). To get an appreciation of the differences and similarities of DISH Network and DirecTV Satellite TV click here on DirecTV.

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Satellite TV
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