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Name: J Buchanan Title of Question: LOGO Channel
Question: Direct TV offers the Logo channel. Does Dish Network have any plans to add this channel to their programming?

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From: c ellington
Answer: I hope they do not even consider this! Currently a customer with directv getting ready to switch. It goes against everything I stand for. And I will not give my money to something that supports homosexuality.

From: TK
Answer: I just found out about the Logo channel and would love to have it...i believe i'll be switching to Direct TV... between c ellington and I...we'll just even things out.

From: Kathy
Answer: I'm going to switch to Direct tv too! they have logo. I'm straight but gay people are humans too. If you don't want to watch then DON"T. You can block the channel and even take it off your list. So why don't you get over it. You're not b****in about the other channels now are you?

From: Cody
Answer: I would like to see the LOGO channel be put on Dish Network!!! I had Direct Tv and now im missing my shows...:( As for c ellington i think you are an IDIOT!!!! I cant belive you'd even wast your time writing about logo if your so against it... IDIOT!!!!!

From: God
Answer: Oh c ellington, wait until it is my turn to judge you. I shall judge you just as severely and closed minded as you have judged me and the gay people I have created. Prepare to suffer.

From: me
Answer: Me thinks c ellington doth protest to loudly. Come out of that closet that you hide in and be free chicken little!

From: ksh
Answer: I wish there was a way to cancel c ellington and the hate he/she/it broadcasts

From: streetwalker
Answer: Hey c ellington what the hell do you think we were watching while I was fucking you in that notorious homosexual hotel you frequent so often!

From: Dave
Answer: The programing on Logo is about the best I have seen on TV lately. It is not all gay. and If your straight and do not understand what "gay" is you might give it a try. it might even open your mind up alittle

From: M W
Answer: I have Dish Network, and I was told that they are in Negotiations with LOGO to add it to the line-up...could take 3 months to year to add. As for the comments... I'm crackin' up...especially GOD.... Although, I disagree with C ellington, I do believe she has a right to express herself - no matter how narrow minded.

From: sonomaboysnightout
Answer: Come on DISH. Get LOGO on DISH! As it is, I'm having to rent films with Gay themes to get any Gay programming content.

From: Michael
Answer: I'm looking forward to having LOGO on DISH soon. I was able to view it while visiting my sister in Arkansas. I enjoyed the programming although I would like to see more variety but I understand this is a young channel and is still growing. I applaud Viacom/MTV.

From: JEAN

From: ERIC
Answer: I wonder how many of those straight laced narrow minded IDIOTS have some sort of R or X rated content on their Cable Channels? You know C ellington's husband does because who would want to sleep with that unhappy narrow minded no fun BITCH!!! Oh and just so you know....There is a war going on, people are dying america is under attack... So how about using some of your efforts and lack of anything else to do and pick up a gun and go over there because you are no better than they are!!!!!!! I guess you know where I stand I guess I will call Direct TV now so I can tivo it for cellingtons children...Cause you know whith an overbaring mother like that they are all going to wind up QUEEER!!!later bitches

From: aunt ester
Answer: c ellington I have direct tv and I don't want you on the same one as me, so go on and switch, we don't want you anyway, and don't want your money. I bet you have done things in every since of the word before,what exactually do you support you anyway? probably nothing, anyway go on and watch whatever you think will be good for you, i bet you watch porn movies anyway.

From: w bishop
Answer: I hope they do add this channel. I am sick of the 3% who get their way just because they scream the loudest! I enjoyed this channel on cable and hope to enjoy it in the future in Dish Network!!!!!!

From: Nick
Answer: Bring LOGO to Dish Network! I'm thinking of switching to DirecTV because they carry it. Dish needs LOGO!

From: J Simmons
Answer: I was looking to see where the LOGO channel was on Dish for my parents. They saw part of a movie at my house on Direct TV and loved it: Pshycho Beach Party. LOGO has great movies for everyone.

From: Logo, yes please
Answer: Love Logo! Need Logo! Want Logo! Dish Network must get Logo Or to Direct TV I go :-)

From: Cldsky
Answer: C need a reality check sista!Usually the people that are so adamant about this topic have something to hide themselves. Come out, come out wherever you are!

From: Chesley
Answer: I cancelled dish network and switched to cable because dish did not offer logo. Yes, I'm a fag and I live in Los Angeles. And all of you homophobe christians keep praying, because I'm not dead yet.

From: zak
Answer: Homosexuality is a curse to humanity . We should condemn it . It's like a plauge and we should do whatever it takes to eradicate it.

From: st. louis mo
Answer: I hope they add it and for c ellington all you have to do is have them block the channel. There are things on lifetime I feel are inappropriate but I just don't watch them. You control your tv not the channel's signal.

From: Scott
Answer: What?! Did somebody post on gay blog to come here and ask for the LOGO channel or something? I'm in agreement with c ellington, and on my way to Dish network since they are supporting family values.

From: Sarah
Answer: Chelsey! Sooo funny! You know it's guys getting all freaked out about the gays, meanwhile watching lesbian porn. I'll be dikin' out to Logo in San Diego soon, can't wait til it gets to Dish!

From: Rob
Answer: Yes Logo! Get over it Ellington! I pay for at least five narrow-minded Christian channels that I simply delete from my line up. That makes us 5 to 1 in the right to bitch category.

From: Therese Easley
Answer: I would love to have the Logo Channel Comcast offers it. For those people that complain, your are paying your money for your programming not anyone else's. Not to have Logo is discrimination.

From: molly
Answer: logo

From: k devries
Answer: RE: the question, I understand Dish Network is in negotiations to offer Logo sometime this year. We'll see. TO c ellington: while you're entitled to your opinion re: homosexuality, i have a few ?'s about your views and the consistency of your politics (i.e. not subscribing to satellite companies that "support" homosexuality). 1. Do you support the playboy channel and other sexually explicit channels (which are available on both dish networks)? If so, no problem. If not, where's the consistency? 2. Do you really think that corporations "support" gay politics, or porn politics or Fox news or Free Speech TV or CNN? Corp.'s offer what the market demands so that the can make a profit. Both networks seem to offer a wide range of viewpoints on what the case is about the world and how it might/should be different. If you don't want the channel, block it or don't pay for it. [FYI, on DirectTV, you have to add (pay extra) to get the Logo channel. If you don't add it, are you "supporting" homosexuality?] 3. And if you think certain ideas/lifestyles/whatever shouldn't be allowed a place in the market, then you are against free speech and on the road toward fascism. TO whomever: the only major difference I see between the two networks is XM music vs. Sirius music. You choose.

From: Bobbie
Answer: I agree with you Cody, im missin my Noah's Arc. I want to see what will happen after the crash. Gosh Dish Network, come on know. Cater to your customers, we pay for top quality. And to you guess who want to pull the "religion" card. Come one, its just a TV network.

From: Jerry
Answer: I heard that DISH will have LOGO Network by the end of 2007. As far as C. Ellington is concerned, she's against everything that I stand for; I will not give my money to something that doesn't support homosexuality.

From: Rahneejr
Answer: Why was the LOGO Channel taken off the menu here in the SFO/Bay Area? Did it have something to do with the ASA or some other hate filled group that someone such as ellington would join? I was going to change over to The Dish but since the LOGO Channel has been taken off, I don't and won't change from Comcast, they are GREAT!!!

From: Chris
Answer: The reason I have satellite service is so I can choose what I want to watch. We're all adults and we can decide what we want and what we don't want in our homes. I say bring LOGO to Dish Network and if you don't want it or want your kids seeing it, remove it from your channel lineup.

From: Will
Answer: I have emailed Dish Network last month 09/2007 asking them when LOGO channel will be available. Reply back was "in the near future." How far is the near future as today is nearly one month after? Days? Weeks? Months? Years? I am looking forward to Dish Network adding LOGO as part of their programming. But how long must I wait? Direct TV offers LOGO in my area. Hopefully Dish Network will have the LOGO channel added by the end of this year or I will be switching to Direct TV.

From: Lady
Answer: Yes, I want Logo too.

From: nano
Answer: I want to see logo channel on dish,pleeeese

From: erica
Answer: what channel is logo

From: LJ
Answer: I want to get Logo channel too on Dish. I have it on Comcast, but because Dish doesn't have it, we didn't switch. We'll wait until Dish has it. And for all you gay-bashers out there, just don't turn the channel on if you don't want to watch it. I don't turn on the 700 club but I'm not going to stop watching a network and bash religious people who do.

From: T Curtis, in Hawaii
Answer: I want LOGO only because the music videos are better than MTV and the RAP crap they play!!!

From: R.L.M
Answer: The fact that we are in the United States gives us the right to CHOOSE. I would like this channel on my TV. It does not matter if a person is Straight or Gay if the programs are entertaining then I will watch them. I do believe that all televisions have channel buttons and off buttons if you do not like what you see either change it or turn it off, and let me choose to see what I wish to see.

From: Michele
Answer: Just look where Dish network headquarters are...littleton, colorado. the home of columbine hs. # 1 colorado is predominately (generally speaking) anti-gay. #2 add that sentiment to the lil mountain redneck town and what do you get???????????????????? No logo TV. Those bastards!!!!!!!!! I can see the correlation, can't you????????????????????

From: parris blu
Answer: If Dish Network want to expand their market they will add LOGO. And for those that are ignorant and against anything that is different than them. This means they are racist and this country has had enough

From: Karmen
Answer: There is power in numbers we should start a petition to get LOGO on dish if anyone know how to go about that I'd be happy to spread the word!

From: Chrisbian
Answer: I am a lesbian and GASP also a christian the only one that should have the power to judge is God not Dish!

From: anton
Answer: Mr. Ellington, bad news for you... Dish already has a gay pay per view channel.... on the other hand, your proctologist is gay too!!!!

From: Michael Johnson
Answer: I have had DISH Network since the mid 1990s and now want the LOGO channel which is not on DISH. I might have to abandon DISH and go with DirectTV or upgrade my Comcast Cable. I like DISH i hve the everything pack and HDTV and 3 HDDVRs. Please ADD the LOGO Channel

From: Racheee
Answer: Whoa there people.... Chill now, He/she has a right to an opinion no matter how wrong it is. C.Ellington Seems like by you hating Gay People, it caused a whole group of peole to come together and hate you. =] See if you only accepted Gay People no one would hate you. =] Dont you see what hate does. It tares society apart And this is coming from a 15 year old. You should really listen to me. And yes Dish Should Get This Channel. And Also Save Spashley! C.Ellington, Its okay to be gay. Don't be afraid to step right on out of that closet you're hiding in. =]

From: gema g.
Answer: well first off fuck u c ellington u r an asshole 4 not liking gay people nd yup direct tv is my home from now on.... =]

From: David
Answer: Yo C Ellington. Why don't you go brush your tooth, so when your husband/cousin comes home he won't have to smell your bourbin breat. Come dish, get logo so I can watch sordid lives.

From: KrisK
Answer: I will cancel my service in 30 days if LOGO is not available. 6-13-08

From: don
Answer: I was thinking about switching to Dish Network, but now I have decided to remain with Direc TV because they appeal to hate-mongers and idiots who marginalize gay people.

From: QweeN
Answer: OMG! I luv LOGO!!! I hate Dish for not having it!!! I used to have DirecTV and I miss it so much. Might switch back. c ellington- Homophobia = Insecurity about one's sexuality. Step out of the closet, already!! ;)

From: ali
Answer: good

From: Mark
Answer: When my two year contract ends, I will be switching to Vios where I can get LOGO. I should have chosen DirectTV, but did not know they did and do not want to carry LOGO. Wanted to leave cable at the time.

From: Neville
Answer: I just got dish to find out that it has no LGBT channels come on Dish really? Please consider something on the lines of LOGO, HERE! even will work but i would like to have logo.

From: stand up stand strong
Answer: I cant believe the hate speech i hear on this forum. This is supposed to be a country where people can be free to express their beliefs and have freedom of religion. You are hypocrites who speak like that. You put down those who condemn your beliefs but do not tolerate others freedoms......hypocrites!!!! STAND UP STAND STRONG C ELLINGTON

From: s knight
Answer: C ellington did not say anything about hating gay PEOPLE, just not supporting homosexuality. People posting curses and ignorant comments about "brush your tooth" are the real idiots for not understanding morals and assuming the peson WITH morals must be a hate monger. By the way "god", if you knew anything about the real GOD, you would know that he destroyed sodom and gommorah because all the queers would not obey him and quit pounding each other in the ass! DISH, DON'T DO LOGO!!! Let DirecTV be the liberal left idiots that cater to the people who scream the loudest (by the way, that's the homos every time).

From: TAH
Answer: Mr. C Ellington, it is funny how you don't support homosexuality but you support hate. I would much rather know someone who is gay than someone who is full of hate as yourself. You may not agree with it and you don't have to watch the channel just as I don't choose to watch the Holy Rollers on the 700 club.

From: stand up stand strong
Answer: I believe the ones who are answering in such a hateful way are really from the left who want to portray "the right" as wacko hateful bigots....which while being on the right have NEVER come across such types. People that have a true reverence and love of the God of the bible do love all people and know that this kind of behaviour is not good for people and if we condone this behaviour it makes our children consider it at a very young age and makes them more open. One question I have for you is "Are pediphiles born this way also. Dont we have to accept them also if they are born that way. NO they are not but they are driven to be attracted to young children. So if you are driven to be attracted to men if you are a man YOU must resist at a very young age so it doesnt become so much a part of you. Also KNOW there is help, try some organizations that help you leave this lifestyle and dont give up. Any type of vice can be very hard to shake off but it is only those who persist that get freedom... have someone pray over you Take care, stand up and stand strong.


From: Alan
Answer: Just switched to DISH and found out LOGO channel is not carried. I will switch back to DIRECTTV. I guess I could not imagine that it would not be carried. There are too many good shows on LOGO Channel. Better get my DIRECTTV HD DVR back out of the box and hooked up.

From: AA
Answer: I really hope they add it. I can't wait.

From: AA
Answer: Update!!!! I just got off a chat with an agent at Dish Network and he advised the following: (03) Gary M: Yes, the negotiation is going on between the Dish and the concerned company. (03) Gary M: I'm sure we would be able to bring it very soon. Sorry C Ellington- Guess you can't watch TV!!!!!!

From: Jerry
Answer: oh get over yourself c ellington...we have to stomach your sappy, money grubbing religious channels so you can just stomach ours.

From: f u ellington
Answer: Those who hate ARE... Repressed homo!! Deal with it! Logo ROCKS!!

From: cpryor
Answer: H8. mary j sings we don't need no haters, and we don't. i want logo on my service and if you H8 it, don't watch it. but you probably hate choice too. use your energy for something positive, like gardening.

From: cpryor
Answer: start this forum on an equal rights, pro-constitutional point of view. why not try it?

From: jack
Answer: I didn't know about the logo network until I accidentally discovered it while flipping through the channels the other day. I was disgusted to see 2 male cartoon characters kissing. This type of program is not appropriate for children and to be quite honest I don't want to see this type of crap programming either. I just called DirectTV to see if I could delete logo from my current package, unfortunately it is included along with some of the other channels I like, like National Geographic, Travel, etc. Broadcasting "Gay" Cartoons to attract children is just wrong. Logo is definitely being blocked. I should have got a dish subscription LOL.

From: hh
Answer: i really hope dish adds logo to the line up soon. a simple solution. dumb asses c ellington, jack and all you other haters you all need to grow up. if it's on don't watch it.

From: I'm not God
Answer: But if I pretended to be God, I know I would end up in hell, so to those of you acting like it (and even using the name 'God'), enjoy your eternity in hell

From: DPS
Answer: Count me in. I want the Logo Channel to come to the dish network. I have thought about switching to cable or directv since dishnet seems to not want the logo channel. It's their right to not carry channels but my right to switch as well.

From: Ingrid Nunez
Answer: Does Dish Network have any gay channels?

From: sbmandingo
Answer: AS for c ellington's remark regarding his support of a network that supports homosexuality, how pathetic. Look around we are here and don; tplan on going anywhere. You should probably think about all the corporations that do support the gay society; Coca Cola, American Express, Pepsi, Proctor & Gamble - the list goes on. So I hope you haven't used any of the products these companies produce!

From: stefn
Answer: What a sad response from c ellington, go back to the dark ages buddy!

From: Shawn
Answer: c ellington, you by definition of life have the choice to receive whatever programming you desire or don't desire. However if what you believe in is really THAT important to you and it has to do with religious values, maybe you should consider the even deeper religious value... TREAT EVERYONE as equals! If you don't like it, don't subscribe to - or watch it! Are you afraid that you might be tempted to take a peak? What you've said is the same as saying, "I'm not going to give my money to the local grocery store because they hire homosexuals, or because they sell condom's to homosexuals!" Get a grip! Life's too short to be afraid!

From: dee
Answer: what channel is logo playing on

From: Tim
Answer: I finally was able to remove that channel from Direct-TV. They don't offer the beastiality channel, so, why, the pervert channel? Sick!

From: Connie
Answer: everyone has an opinion Ijust found out about the logo channel and I am currently a dish network subscriber and it the person that read this is the big boss please give me the logo channel, and for C ellington thy shall not judge THINK ABOUT IT

From: jim
Answer: to c ellington: do u watch porn? all the porn channels that ive seen at some point show a lesbian scene or even a whole hour of it. get over it. you wont stop it. i guess u protested brokeback mountain. good movie i thought!

From: angel
Answer: which channel number is Logo?

From: LISA
Answer: You have got to be kiding me? ellington are you even a functioning adult? How can you be so closeminded and selfish not to consider the beauty and qualities you are msiing in the gay community? I feel sorry 4 you.

From: Jim in SD
Answer: Come on, Gay America! Empower yourselves! We don't have to settle for not having LOGO on Dish TV. Until they decide to add it, we now have the internet for options! Go to and watch gay TV shows ONLINE!!!

From: pat
Answer: I want the logo channel.I have been with dish network for over ten yrs and love if you guys can put logo on.

From: KB
Answer: I've been with dish forever and I'm seriously thinking that if they don't get this channel I will be going to Direct TV.

From: angel
Answer: They should put logo on dish network this aint fair i loved that channel so much. *pout* now i cant watch my favorite shows

From: Elaine
Answer: I was apalled to find out Dish did not carry LOGO and unfortunately it was after I signed my contract. I am going to try to get out of the contract I WANT LOGO

From: B.L. Hammonds
Answer: As of yesterday, I became angered when my new Dishnet sattelite was installed. I knew it was a bad idea, but I'm a closeted teenager who has no say in this. I miss DirecTV, Dishnetwork sucks terribly. I've got no idea why they do not carry it, it seems ridiculous to me; it does not seem very fair. Why! I even disconnected the cable from my T.V. my parents like it, I hate it. Oi vey, I miss Sordid Lives and the music videos. Many other shows as well. DirecTV is absolutely wonderful for carrying it, Dishnetwork is apparently promoted by Fred Phelps.

From: hh
Answer: has anyone e-mailed dish and actually got a reply? about 7 months i was told they were in negotiation. man i wish i would've kept cable. i miss all the shows and stuff.

From: Ooops, you lost me
Answer: I've been asking for LOGO for 2 or more years and hearing everything from "what's that" to "we're in negotiations" to "we'll put in a formal request." i doubt that they'll get it, and after being a happy consumer for 5 years, its time to switch to Direct TV.

From: KTH
Answer: I am MOVING to DISH so I don't have to pay for this crap. We are just subsidizing this crap. Make it a premium pay channel if you want it. Don't make me pay for it.

From: Patrick
Answer: Logo would be great on Dish. I used to get it on my BUD. The channel runs a lot of great programming and it isn't all Gay. Anyway, life is an education. Dish, add Logo!

From: j betty
Answer: cellington your comments scream how shallow you are.

From: J. crocker
Answer: they should,otherwise I am switching.

From: LOGO is on DISH finally!
Answer: Channel 373 - it is an HD channel, so you will need a newer HD Dish receiver and the PlatinumHD add-on package.

From: as of 5/8/2009
Answer: LOGO is now on Channel 373 - it is an HD channel, so you will need a newer HD Dish receiver and the PlatinumHD add-on package.

From: rachel
Answer: i have been waiting for logo on dish since i have signed up.i wish you would hurry up and get logo us gay ppl are getting really bored.get with the new pretty sure you have gay and lesbian family members that would want to see logo just do it already .im about to change my services too

From: chris
Answer: what channel is the logo channel on?

From: Ken
Answer: Chris - LOGO is on Channel 373, but you must have the Platinum HD add-on package for $10/month to get this channel.

From: Trey
Answer: Goodbye C Ellington! You can go back to the stone age way of thinking and go to crappy DirecTV! LOGO is now on DishNetwork, and I for one am glad to see it happen! It is carried under the Platinum HD programming!

From: Jim
Answer: This is a message for C ellington. Grow Up!! Gay people are everywhere. Its a big market and quite frankly many gay people have very interesting stories to tell. Think about what may be your real issue with gay people...your own insecurity!

From: arlindo ormonde
Answer: if i don't get logo i will stop veiwing dishnetwork. got it get it

From: arlindo ormonde
Answer: if i don't get logo i will stop veiwing dishnetwork. got it get it or i will get directv.

From: sodoma
Answer: it sucks that they added logo.!I can't seem to block this stupid channel, I have tried everything and to make it worse technical support can't help! they should should ad logo to the adult channels section its filth!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: truth
Answer: you homes should get together and set up your own dish company and ad your unnatural channels and have all homos subscribe to it. I bet you your company will go broke.!!!!!!!!!!!

From: kb
Answer: Why is it most homophobes cannot spell or structure a sentence correctly?

From: Gallowglass
Answer: Dear Jack. Those cartoons with the two men kissing that you whining so much about are not and were never meant to be veiwed by children or narrow minded adults like you.

From: snyder
Answer: I spoke to a regional rep for Dishnetwork on Wed of this week and he said that 84% of the feedback they got from customers that were already with dishnetwork did not want Logo. So because their customer base did not want logothere are no plans to carry the channel. I do find it interesting that because someone states that they are against homosexuality and they have made a personal choice not to support a network that supports homosexuality everyone on here attacks them. They not only disagree but use vile language and throw out vulgar barbs. Why? If that person is a Christian for example, then they believe that homosexuality is wrong. The BIBLE Second Timothy. If they are of Hebrew faith they believe homosexuality is wrong. Check it out with your local Rabi. If they are Islamic they believe it is wrong, check out the big "K". It never says in any of those religions that God hates the homosexual, he still loves them. But it does say that their behavior is an abomination to God. And unless clean no one will see the kingdom of GOD. That is fact. That is what those religions say. So understanding that, why do most homosexuals refuse to call themselves homosexuals? Why call yourself gay? Do you know how stupid that sounds? As far as being narrow minded it sounds like most of these posters are narrow minded. What is the matter? Are you all HETEROPHOBIC? Pretty simple.. a bunch of Heterophobes who will someday see the gates of Hell. And that is where you will find me. Guarding the gates of Hell. My job? Keeping all of you from getting out.

From: Rudy
Answer: I Think its ridiculous that LOGO isn't part of the package? What kind of BS is that? If other customers don't like it, then don't watch it. Its really that simple. But depraving others of it is unfair.

From: TJ
Answer: I was debating on what network to get Dish or Direct TV. I haven't heard anything about Logo until now. by reading these post, Direct TV will NEVER be in my home!! If Dish get it, they will be OFF Too! I cancelled AT&T because they support gay rights. I know everyone has to live their own life, but I don't have to support it. by the way, if you don't like this post, then you must be one of them!!

From: anthony a
Answer: dear c ellington you need to grow up its 2009 go back into you redneck barn and you wife whos probably your sister,its cable if you dont want it dont pay for it, FOOL! may your babies come out and grow up trannies!

From: anthony a
Answer: to all you hating Americans who sound like complete fwits here grow up were gay not serial killers, and lets hope one killer comes and gets you and a gay man marries your brother, so immature and damned redneck you should be ashamed and embarrased get with the program fools

From: me
Answer: sydner, please get off your self appointed throne, no we are not hetrophobics we just hate idiots! and you sheep may follow religions that have murdered many, raped children and ostracised people over thousands of years, but there is still not one god who has come back to say that ANY bibles words are true! all we know it is a case of chinese whispers.

From: SumTripp
Answer: Dish Network- Receiver-Green (1) with receiver-- Blue (2) without receiver

From: Thick and big is good
Answer: I didn't witch to dish because of the lack of the Logo channel. I enjoy the great movies they have like "latter Days".....what a movie !! Also enjoy fantising over the hunks in Queer Folk. Just makes me feel like going out and getting laid.

From: FreeThinker
Answer: The reason why I am not getting Dish Network is they are another hateful "Christian" organization. Fine with me if they want to believe in myths but hating on gays is indefensably wrong.

From: Gee
Answer: ya'll better stop watchin' "The Andy Griffith Show" and Nickelodean and MTV and... 'cause they're all by Viacom too. That's ok, you still have Playboy and Penthouse and Xcess and...those other channels that are the backbones of OUR society.

From: Gee
Answer: I forgot tho, God approves of strangers having sex in every way possible (within the boundaries of the law) on DishNetwork, but is against one lone channel. Of all the so-called sins that are shown on tv shows and movies every minute of every day, and this is the only one you protest. Hmmm

From: Patrick
Answer: @C Ellington No you'd rather wank off to the underwear models in the sears catalogue or hunt for free gay porn online like everyone else.

From: Traci
Answer: c ellington.... Don't watch it then, but we have just as much of a right to be on television as you do! We have kids and they see your hate, homophobia and hetrosexual sex scenes all over the TV. Look at your self you biggot! It's ok for you to have nasty TV because is hetro? Whatever,,, I want logo!

From: Fred
Answer: Go LoGo!!

From: Kristi
Answer: I love how people are so narrowminded. It's people like C Ellington that gives us gays (and straight people that are for) more reason to work harder for equality. Yes, I am a proud lesbian. If you don't want the channel don't order it and stop whining like a little bitch.

Answer: 125

Answer: 125

Answer: GO LOGO

From: dude123567
Answer: I agree, I would really like to see LOGO added to Dish Network. It is a great channel. This coming from a straight guy.

From: dAVID
Answer: DISH network you need to get gay channel Logo on your line up we in in 2009 not the 60s anymore I am currently with Direct TV and want to change but cant till your company gets on the fast track

From: Tony
Answer: I have been along time suscriber to dish and hope to continue but also as a gay man I want programming that reflects my point of refference too. Just like every body else!!

From: C Ellington's Mom
Answer: Please forgive my child as they were dropped on their head at birth. I knew I should of aborted this waste of space, but I hope my child would grow up with some brains. Please feel free to bash away at this poor low life of a person. I am sorry I gave birth to it.

From: AJ
Answer: Well i guess c ellington will be leaving Dish Network because they DO offer LOGO... and i couldn't be more thrilled.

From: Dom
Answer: LOGO has added Buffy, The Vampire Slayer to their lineup starting Jan 1, 2010. This is the only channel that Buffy is syndicated on, andI would love if Dish added it.

From: fab
Answer: They should have logo on their line up I was dissapointed not to see it new customer here... the more channels the better.

From: luis
Answer: how to block play boy channel on my resiver

From: i love rainbows
Answer: c ellington u are close minded and noone cares about your thoughs, hater!!!

From: Amanda
Answer: Thats a shame to dis people like that you havent even spent a day in there shoes or know what they go through so dont sit here and get on these things and judge I have dish now and would love for them to put logo on it. Queer as folk one of the best series ever!

From: Mo
Answer: I can say that I am more then a little dispointed at the first response that pops up here. Yes I am talking about are buddy C. However nerow their view it does not matter. There will always be hate and it can be found next to egnorence. It is only those that are afraid of what they are that feel the need to judge. I am gay and I feel no anger tword C. Just regret that they speak of what they do not know.

From: Kathy
Answer: What channel is logo tv on

From: Nina
Answer: PLEASE DISH Net...I want the Logo Channel. Having to watch it on a small computer monitor online sucks. As a long time customer, I would be happy to pay extra for it.

From: [:
Answer: C Ellington, o you worthless rag. 1) Nobody gives a flying ballsack what you think about gay people, k? and 2) I think LOGO would be a great addition to Dish because my favorite band is going to be on there tonight. . . . .

From: IP
Answer: I'm switching to DirecTV....seriously, Dish Network is the only major carrier that is not carrying Logo....I don't need a cable provider that is comfortable with airing channels like Spike (that objectify women from sun up to sun down), yet won't put Logo on its line-up.

From: Connie
Answer: Your a bottom!

From: JAY15
Answer: There are million of peopler that have dish and want to have a choice on what they want to watch.DISH shouldnt control what i want to view. Okay i support homosexuality because they are humans to in the world to you know.

From: antidouche
Answer: c ellington, get your head out of your ass. It's not ALL about you. If you have a problem with gays, chances are you having problems dealing with your own homo sexual urges.

From: xtina
Answer: I have just recently discovered the LOGO channel and am soooooo happy that I did. It is refreshing to have a channel that supports homosexuals, who in case you have forgotten c ellington, are human beings just like you are (although it is difficult to classify someone who is so obviously filled with hate as a human being). I am a straight, married female, and shudder to think of a world void of gay people and filled only with small minded individuals such as yourself. If you don't agree with the channel, don't watch it. But for christ sakes, please don't try to push your backward, small minded ways onto the rest of us.

From: C Ellington hater
Answer: Go Suck it Ellington-grow a pair

From: ann
Answer: I hope dish gets Logo Channel

From: B.L. Hammonds
Answer: Well, from the recent comments, I see that apparently Dish Network has made the Logo Channel available to its customers. I checked channel 373 and still I do not have it. I switched to Dish in March of last year, so my reciever is relatively new, but I don't have a premium package or HD. As for everyone (C. Ellington and those others who are telling me I'm going to hell) it isn't really Christian-like for you to judge me or others for their sexuality. I guess the entirety of gay people and I are going to hell. Some have said (gays need to be eradicated) no, people. Hate is what needs to be eradicated, as well as ignorance. You're in no place to judge nor are you God.

From: C Ellington Son
Answer: MOM I'm Gay!!!! lol lmao

From: Double D
Answer: To c ellington If I was athiest should I demand they pull all the religious channels because they go against eerything I stand for? That is not the case but I am totally Heterosexual and my fiance' and I watch one of the shows on LOGO for the humor of it. Rick and Steve and we love and never miss that show.

From: MattAttack:)
Answer: LOGO has got to be the most uplifting, be-yourself channel there is. The LBGT population brings such a free spirit vibe to this world. It makes my day to see a drag queen doing her thanggg. Give us LOGO Dish Network!!! :] P.S. RuPaul's Drag Race and Transform is also on VH1 now! :]

From: Nate
Answer: Growing up I was taught to not associate with homosexuals. A classmate of mine was ridiculed when he stepped out of the closet for the first time during our senior year. This individual was a star athelite and dated one of the cutesy girls in High school. Back in 1992, I was hit on by a guy that I considered a friend. It made me uncomfortable at the time and pissed me off and set my mind that all gay guys were freaks of nature. Now 20 plus years after graduating High School, I contacted this previous classmates twin brother after discovering he lived in the same town that I did. We talked about the old days and my friend ended up moving in with his gay brother and his partner. Life is too short the way it is. I am a straight, married guy with a family of 4 beautiful daughters of my own. My friend's twin brother and I have become the best of friends since then. We went to our 20th year class reunion together along with his partner. I told him that I'd stand beside him and would back his opinions and his honor if needed. Before our reunion I had a scare with health problems and the twins were there for me. I will now be there for both of them till the day I die. GOD states to live thy neighbor. Freedom of speech is one of our rights as an American and I hope it continues to be that way. I work as a RN and I believe that many of the new technologies and medicines were created by gay men. I enjoy watching lesbiens and other porn just like any other straight guy. I'm not judged for it and if I was, well those individuals have there own opinion. Does it make them shallow? I don't believe so. I love my gay friend along with his brother as GOD intended me to. The hate words in this forum is stupid. For those gay men and women reading this, don't let it bother you. There are good and bad people all over. Remember to clean your own doorstep off of the negatives you have before trying to clean others. We are simply people and we can have an opinion, but if you need to slam someone because of what they do behind closed doors, then that is their own to do. It's not anyone right to tell someone else what to do. If you don't want to watch the LOGO channel, then don't. Let people make their own decisions. It shows how shallow you can be to let something so little to cause you to call someone names because they don't believe the same as you. We should eradicate hate if were going to do anything. Hitler eradicated the Jews, Blacks, the crippled but never did anything to the gay Germans because he was gay himself. Let's look and love one another for who they are and what they do to promote humanity. I hope DISH comes out with the LOGO channel as I'm a DISH subscriber and have been for the past 14 years. Also make it so you don't have to pay extra for it. There's so many news channels that you don't have to pay extra for and I've taken them off of my favorite list. DISH, do what's right for your subscribers.

From: Texas
Answer: I'm thinkin about switching to direct tv also so that I can get LOGO

From: Frank
Answer: I was actually considering switching to Direct TV because they carry the Logo channel. I don't know why Dish Network has taken so long considering to carry this channel as it has been out for several years. It may not be everyone's cup of tea and if that's the case for those who don't want it then block the channel!

From: Jordan
Answer: It is time Dish Network carry the LOGO channel and stop saying they "will carry it in the near future"!! As a paying customer I would think they would do more than consider my request or maybe I need to switch my satellite service and money to Direct TV!!

From: LS
Answer: I love this channel and Dish really needs to add this..seriously its on of the best channel out right now

From: C franklin
Answer: c ellington-get off your back woods bigotry colored soapbox...this is a question about a cable channel not an outlet for you to spew hatred

From: Gg
Answer: I think they should because i really want to see one of my favirote shows thats on there which is Buffy the vampire slayer i think lesbians should have there own channel i not but i agree with kathy

From: JB
Answer: I think i will switch to Direct t.v because i really want to see logo and i think everyone who wants to see it should switch c ellington can cut his fucking ass up other wise i will send somebody else to do it I love gabe

From: ROB266

From: RJS
Answer: I have been a Dish Network person for about 8 years and I'm switch to Direct TV due to the fact that they seem to never have an Idea to offer LOGO channel....

From: c ellington
Answer: you only get LOGO if you subscribe for the platinum HD package, and if you are that shallow as to have such a problem with your own sexuality, then most likely, you will NOT dig that deep in your pocket to pay the additonional. It's not a "breeder friendly" channel. Cannot we have our own so we do not infiltrate yours?

From: not homophobic c ellington
Answer: you only get LOGO if you subscribe for the platinum HD package, and if you are that shallow as to have such a problem with your own sexuality, then most likely, you will NOT dig that deep in your pocket to pay the additonional. It's not a "breeder friendly" channel. Cannot we have our own so we do not infiltrate yours?

From: Jorge Muniz
Answer: I try 4 days a go , pay my account on line,please can you fix that..

From: Donna
Answer: What does LOGO stand for?


From: Andy
Answer: Dishnetwork does carry Logo on channel 373 in my area

From: C.Stanley
Answer: Offer in HD Only. The HD Package offers Logo. Which it is lame not to have it in standard. And HereTV used to be on Dish but no longer available. Channel 9415 has some gay programming Available. And if people don't like gay programming don't watch it. I don't like shopping channels, therefore I don't watch them. Yet they are in my programming. Common Sense.

From: logo
Answer: what movies?

From: Third Party Outsider
Answer: "Closed minds should come with closed mouths."

From: bigsunshyn
Answer: i am thinking about switching to DirectTv because Dishnetwork does not offer the good channels LOGO is just 1 of the channels that i miss out on. I am 100% straight and i love logo.

From: RD
Answer: I would love to have the LOGO channel available on my lineup. I have watched the channel before at my mother in laws. I love Drag U and their sketch comedy. As for the more backward individuals on this forum, if you don't agree with it no one is forcing you to watch the channel. Hopefully channels and media like this will start to become more mainstream!

From: dee
Answer: I will not support a homosexuality channel

From: EW
Answer: Hey ellington it's just a program., and it's the company business to make more money to reach out to everyone and to find out what people like to be added to there pay service which it's LOGO Channel plus that it's more interested to a lot of people who can learn more about people of difference., we call that expressing your freedom.

From: DebN
Answer: I hope Dish adds Logo. I'm missing RuPaul's show.

From: R Salas
Answer: I cant believe that in 2010, people like c ellington are still around. I would hate to be related to you, your neighbor, your friend or co-worker. Im so happy people like you are the ones nowadays getting the backlash. Look at all the comments that you're getting. Do you get it now? Get with the rest of the world and join in, if not, why don't you keep your negative comments to yourself. Didn't your mother teach you that? Oh wait, no she didn't, look at your views.

From: No To Logo
Answer: I am with you C Ellington. I am switching from DirecTV to Dish for 2 reasons, Dish is cheaper and does not have Logo. Logo is sexually orientated and it's intent is to alter and pollute our youth. DirecTV Family channel line up is the only one that excludes this channel. Logo should be grouped with other sexual based channels such as Playboy and Hustler, where you pay for it individually.

From: Love?
Answer: It's funny how all of these comments show HATE to C Ellington, you hate her for not loving your sinful ways. DO not GIVE In to the SIN.

From: joe ayala
Answer: c ellington you must have a narrow mind. and i do support anything thats not goeing to hurt me.and keep your money we dont need it.there are lost of customers you wont hurt us at all ta ta

From: joe ayala
Answer: and if they add the logo channel .if you dont like it dont watch it you cant contorl they gay movies they give on hbo or showtime lifetime so snap out of it. you need a man to spice up your life

Answer: c ellington is a faggot. That is all. BAck in the closet, son

From: taylor
Answer: C Ellington your whats wrong with this world. If you were a real man you wouldnt let it bother you.

From: Rororainbow!
Answer: I recently learned of LOGO, coincidentally at a gay bar, and I have Dish and would love it if Dish would offer LOGO.

From: HI TK

From: HI LOU
Answer: YES THEY DO.

From: MEL
Answer: I can can agree with those who don't want this blasphemous channel!!! But watching this LOGO, has stirred up feelings in me, I NEVER thought I had!!! DISH! I WANT THIS GAY CHANNEL!!!

From: Miss Honey
Answer: My name is Miss Honey, and Rupaul is my SISSSTA! Dish, everyone cannot afford HD channels! In order for me to keep up with the latest fashion (including wigs, stilletos and gogo boots) I need my LOGO channel. So, I am going to have, one of those cute directv servicemen to come to service me, and switch me to Directv!!! DISH! You girls need to get it together!!!! HOLLA!!!

From: Chuck
Answer: Man, I ain't Gay or nothing, but those movies on that channel make me cry! Oh, or is Lifetime?!!!

From: Haha
Answer: Yes they will and c Ellington you can go kiss my ass

From: gregg l
Answer: what do you have to do to get logo to us

From: greggl in largo fl
Answer: im 48 years young i was leaving work the other day and this girl 62 standing next to two newbieeies at work she yelled out the word queer after i had past them, i kept walking to pay no mind, the next day i went into the h.r. dept in the place i work raytheon ncs con. this girl ali nye i had problems with five years ago and haddent spoke to her in that time yells this out at me for no reason or maybe just to show off, anyway h.r depy said they would investigate this even thougr out there want to keep your jobs keep your mouth shut, we will no0 longer stand for this bulling was outside the building she still got fired...hahahahaha so if you fag hates,want to keep your job, keep your mouths shup

From: Roberto
Answer: Love how c ellington is getting bashed first of all. All i'm going to say is this @ c ellington: first of all you don't see anyone else here saying "I hope they don't add the dr. phil show, or the 700 club or i'm switching!" Don't be so set in your ways as to not want a tv provider not to add a certain station. That is all. ALL I KNOW IS I WANT MY LOGO BACK! Stupid dad switched from direct tv to dish. I don't even get teennick T_T

From: Allen Herman
Answer: Um, Dish needs to put LOGO on. It is not fair. And C Ellinton, you are an idiot. I hope god forgives you're hate.

From: s weimann
Answer: I would like to have Logo and YES - the Yankees Network. Maybe I need to switch to Direct tv too. They have both!

From: Kathy
Answer: I wish Dish TV would add LOGO. I am considering changing my provider so that I can get LOGO

From: kage hinagiku
Answer: I would LOVE to have logo!! I have had direct tv once but then i moved out and i had to get dish (which sucks! XP) cuz they didnt have logo plus dish sucks like hell! EVERYTIME it rains the tv goes out even when i am recording something and its raining, the show i am recording doesnt record.

From: g agenda
Answer: watch the channel c ellington so our hypnotic suggestions can work on your dumbazz

From: someone better
Answer: I will pay for c ellington's subscription if you cancel her account

From: Joe
Answer: Of course C Ellington, the only people in the world who are right are the ones who believe the same things you do. Everyone else is wrong. Pretty egotistical view of your own beliefs and thoughts to think that. God forbid you just don't watch the channel. I believe all religious shows and networks should be banned also. I don't want your BS pushed downy throat either. That will even things out. See, according to you, religion and your beliefs can be forced on me, but you can't handle having a simple tv channel you don't even have to watch? Not very understanding or forgiving, just narrow minded and ignorant. Is that what your beliefs teach you to be?

From: Dr. J G
Answer: I have Cable, but want DISH for their International "German Language" channel, but I like Logo and Ru Paul. I will have to wait until they get logo for the switch.

From: Jay
Answer: does Direct TV have channel 8

From: JJ
Answer: NO

From: lund
Answer: logo please!!!!

From: TS
Answer: Yes! We are humans as well! I would not be as stupid to support hetrosexuals!! God made us all! Grow up! Our houshold gives Dish 2 thumbs up!

From: seri47residence
Answer: เสรี 47 เรสซิเดนซ์ อพาร์ทเม้นต์หรู ย่านชานเมือง ติดสวนสาธารณะบึงกุ่ม เดินทางสะดวก นิด้า-เสรีไทย ห้องพักสะดวก ระยะยาว-สั้น กว่า 100 ห้อง พร้อมสิ่งอำนวยความสะดวก สงบ ปลอดภัย ประหยัด คุ้มค่า 2700 – 4200 ต่อเดือน ติดต่อโทร . 02-377-4787 TEL. 083-999-3870 พิเศษ พัก12เดือน ฟรีค่าห้องเดือนที่13 สำหรับลูกค้าจากเว็ปนี้

From: Jesus
Answer: God bless the gays! :)

From: Maino Garcia
Answer: yes thanhyou

From: Maxine
Answer: I would love Logo on dish. Just to watch RuPaul anything!

From: Rc
Answer: will dish networks get logo

From: logan castleman
Answer: i love the rocky horror picture show and it is coming on the logo channel this wednesday and yes the logo channel is on dish channel 198

From: Michael
Answer: Thanks Kathy. And C. Ellington, show some respect to your fellow humans. I hate to break it to you, Logo does not "support" homosexuality, but shows programming to open the world up that gays and lesbians are just like everyone else. And if you really have those hateful and homophobic feelings, I suggest you check out the 100s of TV actors and actresses and news commentators, most likely some of your favorites, who are LGBT - and you don't even know.

From: angelalyel
Answer: dish network tiene logo canal 373

From: Sarah
Answer: plz help my tv messed up and i dont know how to fix it

From: Shapho

From: Stan
Answer: Logo is available on Dishnetwork if you order Platinum High Definition channel 373. That's an extra fee. I would like to see it on the 200 channel package.

From: twistedsilverlr002
Answer: c ellington needs to get a grip on life and learn that homosexuality is here to stay(I hate it for ya)... Within the next 5 to 10 years all the states will be giving out those pesky lil oloe marriage license... lol

From: finesse
Answer: c ellington shut the hell up you ignorant ass homophobe.

From: Renee
Answer: I have had Dish for 25 yrs and I'm switching over to Direct because they have LOGO. Good for them...To bad Dish didn't have it.

From: the devil
Answer: Hay GOD remember sodom and Gomorrah. Now who is judging who. We all know what GOD thinks and it is wrong for a man to lay with a man and a woman to lay with a woman. as far as c ellington being an idiot at least he knows right from wrong.

From: the devil
Answer: Unfortunately Dish does have Logo it is in the Block Buster pass. I guess that shows that most of u are wrong about Dish not having it just like you are wrong about being gay being ok with GOD

From: Jake
Answer: I'm considering switching from cable. One of my favorite channels is Logo. If Dish does not offer it, I will not switch.

From: EIM
Answer: @c ellington: you are so homophobic... they do excellent programs, idiot!! Actually it says that Dish offers Logo but I can't find it on my guide, I'm from PR any help??

From: J.Smith
Answer: want the logo channel love Rupaul's Drag Race need that show

From: sarwat saad
Answer: network

From: sarwat saad
Answer: dish network

From: Rey B
Answer: Hate that LOGO isn't offered....This needs to change

From: howell
Answer: I hope so I'm missing all of my favorite shows. If they don't add the logo channel I'm switching my cable!

From: NineDoubleOSexNine
Answer: today is 3-8-2012 DishNetwork still has NOT included LOGO to their ch. line up. IF within 30 days they still dont have it I am going to cancel!!!

From: JRO
Answer: @ C Ellington - so because you don't agree we should all follow u? No shut up. Stop acting like Hitler. @ Dishnetwork... logo needs to be free. You need to get rid of the Religion channels because being bashed from people and their religion is against everything I stand for C Ellington. People like that need to be put down.

From: Brittany
Answer: That's bizarre, I've been with Dish for about a year now and I've always had LOGO but I haven't had it in about 3 weeks. Wonder what's the deal with that.

From: castiso
Answer: Si desean una conexion de directv en california y ver a logotv, favor contactarme

Answer: buy a dish network dish+setup address:-kuikota jail pukur east side.paschim madinipore distric.west bengaL.INDIAN.P/S:-KOTWALI.PIN-721101.PHONE:9932668991.

From: Vic
Answer: I used to watch Logo on Dishnetwork, where in the hell is Logo fuckers?

From: Vic
Answer: I am canceling this fucking network NOW..they want their bill paid on time and they take Logo off? Fuck them!!! Direct TV people..

From: Carlitos
Answer: Son unos perros,mendigos, hijos de la chingada, arrastrados and everything alse for taking Logo off the air. Fuck I hate Them GRRRRR.

From: Dwoods
Answer: I am ready yo switch.. Please get logo get rid of the all the crappy church channels

From: SJ
Answer: Man I wish Dish Network will soon put LOGO on, I'm paying an arm an a leg as it is on the channels I do get!! I'm missing my RuPaul Drag race!! I love that show!!:D

From: S.Ingram
Answer: I sooooo want Dish to get Logo so I can watch my RuPauls Drag Race! Please, please, PLEASE hurry! But as for the heartless C Ellington I use to date of the same sex so I am offended by your comment! Somethings are meant to be left unsaid whether you agree or not! Ha but I laugh at people like you so on that note may God Bless You!!!!!! :)

From: Lynn

From: LgR
Answer: yes, yes, please add the Logo channel to Dish...

From: Nancy
Answer: LOGO is on 373

From: Nancy
Answer: LOGO is on channel 373. You have to buy another tier.

From: pat
Answer: straight as an arrow and love to watch RuPaul . c,ellington get over it. block the damn channel or maybe your afraid that you might be TEMPTED , any way , hope its in the 120 pkg.

From: john
Answer: i was thinking of switching to dish but you can only get logo through streaming internet connection LAME!

From: Brandon
Answer: Will not get dish until they offer the logo chan. seem like a homophobic comp. will stay with direct tv.

From: Cathy Balderas.
Answer: Dish is better than direcTv it will be The future of entertainment direcTv is confusing why with all the channels


From: sae
Answer: c ellington your a bigot and nor room for your disgusting self here.

From: Mike
Answer: People need to grow up and realize that maybe heterosexuality is the sin and that it is only in fact for breeding purposes to make more of us homos! God fearing people my ass. Most of you probably have more sins than any gay guy would.

From: Rosey
Answer: is there any good porn channels for straight women to see good exotic sexy men in them I wana watch and enjoy porn too when watching it with my husband all these old unattractive men with barely 18girls is hetting old

From: virgin mary
Answer: Homo,heteral my son created all and loves everyone. Love one antker no matter what and all good shall come the books all of you read are to hipmitize your mind for the love of everyone.

From: mic
Answer: I think Direct tv and Dish need to refuse this channel and take it out ooff of their service!

From: ajey
Answer: Ok iam acepting your quetions

From: julie
Answer: c ellington, the world does not revolve around you. NO ONE cares what you think or what you want.

From: dr
Answer: no

From: Mark kharhujon
Answer: that depend for me should be the liking individually have about the channel

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